5 Most Common Disability Conversions

Within the United States alone there are over 50 million individuals living with some form of physical disability. At Chermac Builders we have a team of contractors with extensive experience in transforming the homes of individuals with disabilities into functioning, docile dwellings. Whether you need assistance in redesigning a kitchen or bathroom, or entire home around accessibility, we are the best contractor in Las Vegas to transform your space.

In this article you will see 5 of the most commonly requested items we are asked to change to accommodate accessibility needs in Las Vegas residences. While these are the most commonly requested, this is not a complete list of what you may want to update or change in your own home. For a list more specific to you, have one of our contractors do a site walkthruogh by scheduling your Free Estimate today.

Widen Doorways
Standard doorways are too narrow to allow a wheelchair or walker access. At Chermac Builders we can widen your doorways or if there’s not enough space to accommodate a wider doorway we can offset the hinges to allow your door a few extra inches of clearance on the swing. Either way, we can help to make sure there’s enough space to accommodate any medical device you use to gain entry in and out of the rooms in your home.

Add A Ramp
The width of your doorways may not be the only hurdle in entering and navigating around your home. Stairs can create a challenge getting in, out and around inside of your home. Adding a ramp on the inside or outside of your property can allow for better accessibility for anyone with mobility issues. At Chermac Builders we can secure all your necessary permits and complete the project from planning to completion.

Install Grab Bars
For added stability where you need it most, installing a grab bar can offer security and safety. We add grab bars to showers, bathrooms, kitchens, and any other area where a little extra hand is helpful.

Toilet Riser Installation
Individuals that have trouble bending over, standing up, or sitting down can benefit from adding a riser to their toilets. This small improvement can make a big impact for individuals with various mobility issues. To install a riser, first your toilet must be able to be fitted to a riser, then removed and reinstalled. For older toilets and specialty toilets installing a riser may not be an option. To learn more and to find out if this is a good option for your bathrooms the team at Chermac Builders can help you determine if this improvement is an option for you.

Step-In Showers
Showers are one of the most potentially dangerous areas in your home. High sided bathtubs can cause problems when entering and exiting. To allow for a better ease of showering we often recommend converting bathtub showers into a step-in shower. In many instances the conversion allows for you to add a shower bench, and to vary your shower heads for a more all-around showering experience.

These are the top 5 most commonly requested and suggested conversions we recommend for clients with disabilities, mobility issues, and when ageing in place. For more information or to have a Free Estimate contact us and schedule.

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