Custom Storage Areas

Storage areas can be a cause of concern for the stylish home owner. A cabinet, bookshelf, rack or overhead bin, can be problematic to source, and even more challenging to incorporate into your home design. At Chermac Builders we incorporate custom storage areas into home construction to eliminate the burden of finding one after the fact.

You need a storage area that not only keeps your household items organized, but also that fits the space, and decor of the rest of your home. Most storage systems are bulky and don’t exactly fit the dimensions you need, and when you are lucky enough to find one that does, the color or style might not be in tune with your taste.

This is why Chermac Builders takes the time to incorporate custom storage areas into our home design and construction. We have unique ways to include storage into your design keeping it useful, but not distracting. Las Vegas home owners appreciate our fresh and unique way to approach your individual storage needs for any room of  your home.

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