French Doors

French doors are a great alternative to sliding glass doors, and are commonly used as exterior exits for great rooms and master suites. At Chermac Builders we install French doors and convert sliding glass doors to French doors frequently.

When considering French doors for your next construction project there are a lot of options to think about. Almost all come with double-pane, energy efficient glass, but some come also with a decorative grill embedded between these frames, and some with blinds available. Typically we suggest installing French doors to open towards the interior of your home.

At Chermac Builders we see more home owners opting for French doors in lieu of sliding glass doors because of their unique feel of grace and elegance they add to your living or dining room. They add an open-air look and assist to better access between rooms within your home. French doors offer an elegant entrance to your outdoor patio or balcony area and can be easily fit to an exterior wall.

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