Patio Covers

At Chermac Builders we specialize in making sure that your new patio cover looks like a part of your original home construction. Our knowledgeable and experienced contractors are dedicated to making sure that your lattice, solid, combination or free standing patio cover had the same uniformity as the rest of the construction of your home.

We take the time to expertly match your stucco and tile roof to give your patio a fluid design compared to the rest of your home. Whether you are looking for a brand new patio cover or a second story balcony, Chermac Builders is sure to exceed your expectations. We provide new installations or can replace your current patio cover, balcony, or gazebo.

Using only the finest quality products and materials we construct your patio to last, even in the extreme Las Vegas elements. We can even install misters, fans, and lighting, giving your new patio cover a polished and refined look.

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