Lighting Upgrades

Indoors and out lighting is commonly seen as a functional aspect of your home, but at Chermac Builders we look at your illumination needs also as an artistic quality for your Las Vegas home. We combine your practical lighting needs then combine aesthetics you want to give your home a well lit design while maintaining balance.

Chermac Builders offers Lighting Upgrades including:

  • Interior & Exterior Illumination
  • Indirect Lighting
  • Workspace Lighting
  • Workspace Task Lighting
  • Display & Fine Art Lighting
  • LED & Backdrop Illumination
  • Ambient & Accent Lighting
  • Safety Lighting

Chermac Builders does it best when you want an area to be well lit without glare. Need task lighting in specific areas of your home? We create lighting in your home for you to better perform tasks such as grooming, reading and preparing meals. Accent lighting is ideal to add a dramatic element to your home, creating a visual interest, drawing eyes to paintings, sculptures, and even wall textures.

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