Toilet Upgrades

Other than new bathroom additions and bathroom remodeling, there are typically two reasons home owners decide to upgrade their toilets. The first, and most common, is because their current toilet is beyond repair and it must be replaced. The other is because they want a new luxury toilet that is more comfortable and water efficient.

At Chermac Builders we install and upgrade toilets of all kinds. From adding seat elevation, up to three inches, installing separate urinals and bidets, and even dual flush toilets, we have installed them all. The benefits of replacing your toilet are numerous including reduction in utility bills, comfort and performance.

With our abilities to upgrade your existing toilet, a toilet replacement may not be required to achieve the comfort you desire in your bathroom. Let Chermac Builders take the time to understand you unique desires and we are sure to get you the results you want.

Toilet Upgrades we offer include:

  • Seat lifts from one to three inches
  • Varying toilet sizes from lowboys to comfort/handicap height
  • Dual flush toilets
  • Water smart toilets
  • Bidets & urinals

Chermac Builders often upgrades toilets are part of your overall bathroom renovation project, and can offer you a solution that works best for your needs.

Accessibility Toilet Upgrades

When working with disabled or aging home owners, Chermac Builders focuses primarily on your dignity and safety. We offer ways to easily access your toilet to ensure comfort and stability when in use.

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